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Boy George describes prison sentence "a gift" as he claims to start feeling 'the rewards' for his hard work
16-04-2016 by NineMSN - Leave a Comment

Boy George has told how serving time in prison was a "gift" that helped him to get his life back on track.  
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Richard Simmons denies he’s being held hostage in his home — in audio interviews from his home
16-03-2016 by - Leave a Comment

The voice on the line sounded a little weary — perhaps worn out from so much “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” — but was still unmistakeable.

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Cate Blanchett opens up about adoption of her daughter Edith and taking time out
02-01-2016 by - Leave a Comment

She has been one of Hollywood's busiest actresses over the past few years, working on a host of films and seldom off the publicity treadmill.
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Miss Colombia says losing Miss Universe crown was 'destiny'
26-12-2015 by - Leave a Comment

Miss Colombia has said missing out on the Miss Universe title was "her destiny".  
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Former Neighbours, Underbelly actress Eliza Szonert calls for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's help
25-12-2015 by - Leave a Comment

Australian actress Eliza Szonert who snatched her son in Malaysia has been released from the local jail where she had been locked up for refusing to reveal the boy's whereabouts.  
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Sam Wood proposes to Snezana Markoski with a $50,000 engagement ring he only chose last week
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When he revealed he had popped the question to Snezana Markoski on Monday evening, Sam Wood wrote on Instagram, "When you know, you know." But rewind a week and it seems the handsome 35-year-old personal trainer didn't actually know.  
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Anakie’s Fairy Park is still going strong after six decades
17-12-2015 by - Leave a Comment

BEFORE iPads and iPods, before Bananas in Pyjamas and Bob the Builder, there was Fairy Park.   
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