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UK soldiers may face war crime charges
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British veterans of the Iraq War could face prosecution for crimes including murder, the head of a team examining potential torture and unlawful killing during the conflict has said.   
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Record Gun Sales Help 2015 Go Out With A Bang
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Liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg would like nothing better than to end 2015 by disarming every American citizen. For the past seven years the three amigos have been working tirelessly to abolish the Second Amendment rights of every person in America.   
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Cod liver oil and family tragedy shape Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate's destiny
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A spoonful of cod liver oil and a vitamin C tablet were part of the regular morning routine when Christine Holgate was a child growing up with her family in Cheshire in the United Kingdom.   
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Cate Blanchett opens up about adoption of her daughter Edith and taking time out
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She has been one of Hollywood's busiest actresses over the past few years, working on a host of films and seldom off the publicity treadmill.
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More than 60 sharks sighted in NSW in the past 48 hours
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More than 60 sharks have been spotted near popular swimming spots on the New South Wales coast over the past two days.   
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Michael Jackson's Neverland for sale
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The Peter Pan inspired home of superstar Michael Jackson is for sale for anyone with a spare $US100 million ($A137.34 million).   
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Child abuse ribbons stripped from Castlemaine church
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A Castlemaine woman was left deflated after a local Catholic church removed ribbons she had strung to symbolise support for victims of child sexual abuse.   
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World's largest McDonald's to close
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The world's largest McDonald's is preparing to close, but it should be replaced with an even bigger McDonald's next door in a couple of months.   
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ASIC tender bid for private firm
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AUSTRALIA’S company and financial services watchdog’s administration centre in Traralgon could be privatised.   
Wrinkle in bankruptcy law reform
01-01-2016 by - Leave a Comment

Reforms put forward by the Turnbull government to make it easier for people to get out of bankruptcy may not help many people expected to benefit from the scheme, experts say.
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