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Boy George describes prison sentence "a gift" as he claims to start feeling 'the rewards' for his hard work
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Boy George has told how serving time in prison was a "gift" that helped him to get his life back on track.   
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Ballarat’s Kryal Castle waiting for new king or queen
03-04-2016 by - Leave a Comment

Iconic regional Victorian tourist attraction Kryal Castle is on the market after being revitalised with a multimillion-dollar redevelopment.   
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Richard Simmons denies he’s being held hostage in his home — in audio interviews from his home
16-03-2016 by - Leave a Comment

The voice on the line sounded a little weary — perhaps worn out from so much “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” — but was still unmistakeable.
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New state laws to stop businesses leaving taxpayers to foot bill for environmental clean-ups
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THE Palaszczuk Government has rushed new laws into State Parliament to stop businesses leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for environmental damage and clean ups.   
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Will Australia be caught short as politicians sacrifice the national interest to stay in power.
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The fulfilment of ambition, and the responsibility of government, was supposed to turn Abbott and Rudd into statesmen. Instead, success made them unaccountable.
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Politicians to keep perks in wake of Bronwyn Bishop 'choppergate' report
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Federal politicians will keep the vast majority of their parliamentary perks but their spending will be subject to greater scrutiny under changes to the entitlements system being considered by the Turnbull government.   
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Former soldiers, families face military officials in Townsville over anti-malaria drug side effects
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The military's top brass has come face to face with former soldiers and their families suffering depression and anxiety after being fed controversial anti-malaria drugs on deployment   
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GlaxoSmithKline to face class action over anti-depressant used on children
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A Sydney law firm has launched a class action on behalf of people who as children and adolescents were prescribed the anti-depressant drug Paroxetine.

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AlphaGo: Human Go champion Lee Se-Dol scores surprise victory over Google supercomputer
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A South Korean Go grandmaster has scored his first win over a Google-developed supercomputer, in a surprise victory after three defeats in a high-profile showdown between man and machine.   
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No evidence Ritalin makes a difference long term for ADHD kids
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Drugs such as Ritalin make no difference to the long-term outcomes of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, who continue to struggle academically and mentally as they get older, early research findings suggest.   
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