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Gary Dahl, the advertising copywriter who struck marketing gold with the Pet Rock, has died.
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Gary Dahl, the man who sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks, dead at 78   
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What’s happening behind Palmer's closed gates?
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THE gates to the Palmer Coolum Resort were locked yesterday as 40 staff found out they no longer had a job.   
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Coconut oil ambassador visits Castle Towers
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Masterchef winner and H2Coco ambassador, Andy Allen will be at Chemist Warehouse Castle Towers on Saturday, April 4, from 11am to noon demonstrating the different uses of H2Coco organic virgin coconut oil and how you can incorporate it into your daily routines.   
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Aspiring designer attains top award
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IT was during a year 10 work experience placement that Castle Hill High School student Emma-Jane Henry ignited a passion for interior design.

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Concorde returns: Supersonic jets ready for take off
01-04-2015 by BBC News - Leave a Comment

Concorde may have retired but a number of projects hope to bring supersonic air travel back to the masses.

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US holds out against new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
01-04-2015 by Herald sun - Leave a Comment

WHEN people try to pinpoint the start of a ‘new world order’ they could look to March 2015.

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White House investigates reported G20 Barack Obama passport leak, flags 'follow-up action' on security
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The White House has confirmed it is looking into reports president Barack Obama's passport details were leaked by an Australian official during last year's G20 Summit, saying it will "take all appropriate steps" to prevent further breaches.   
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Nine-year-old has perfect response to school quiz asking about the 'three major problems facing Australia'
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Kids, as the popular phrase goes, say the darnedest things. But sometimes they're also just, you know, right.   
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"I Need a Stiff Drink After That": John Negroponte on Being Questioned by Amy Goodman over Iraq War
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During a conference Tuesday at Hofstra University that assessed the George W. Bush presidency, Amy Goodman asked panelists if senior administration officials should be tried for war crimes. Her question to former national intelligence director and U.S. ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, drew this response:   
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City loan scheme supports Goldmines Hotel restoration
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The Vahland and Getzschmann designed Goldmines Hotel in Marong Road, Golden Square has undergone important restoration work thanks to the City of Greater Bendigo’s Heritage Restoration Loan Scheme.   
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