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Sweden to relocate entire city to meet China’s energy needs
26-05-2015 by - Leave a Comment

KIRUNA, Sweden — To feed China’s growing appetite for raw materials, this venerable mining town 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle is poised to become a cutting-edge Tomorrowland as it prepares to move buildings, residents and even a century-old wooden church to a new location a few miles away.  
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Vatican bank sees a 20-fold increase in earnings
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The Vatican bank, officially known as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), has seen a sharp jump in its profits for 2014.  
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Financial crises: The devastating fallout
26-05-2015 by BBC News - Leave a Comment

We're used to thinking about financial crises in numbers.  
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California Looks To Australia For Tips On Surviving Drought
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California has turned to the world's driest inhabited continent for solutions to its longest and sharpest drought on record.  
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Our hospitals need injection of humanity for doctors' sake
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HOSPITALS with a bureaucratic focus on outcomes put staff at an increased risk of psychological distress.  
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Bikies rejected 'weird' Monis
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Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis tried to join the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang but was rejected by the bikies, who thought he was 'weird' and took his motorbike.  
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Rediscovered bust tells a darker story
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A bust of William Vahland, recently rediscovered in the Bendigo Historical Society's collection, has revealed the sad story of its sculptor, the German plasterer and artist Otto Waschatz.  
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George Pell made recent trip to Ballarat, sparking calls for royal commission appearance
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Victims’ advocates have questioned why Cardinal George Pell could make it back to Ballarat recently but not appear at the child abuse royal commission.  
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Shakeup in Baltimore mayor's criminal justice leadership
25-05-2015 by - Leave a Comment

With Baltimore in the midst of one of its most violent stretches in years, a top criminal justice leader for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has left, marking the biggest shake up in her administration since the recent rioting and unrest in the city.  
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Want to enjoy the deep, mystical sleep of our ancestors? Turn your lights off at dusk.
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What if you could meditate like a Tibetan lama with no instruction whatsoever — and without having to subscribe to any religious beliefs?  
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