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Seven claims Nine's Hotplate infringes its copyright
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The already simmering competition between the Seven and Nine Networks is heading out of the kitchen and into the courtroom.  
Television | CP NEWS >
Backlash against corporate boxes a warning for sports stadium redevelopment
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Australian sports stadiums have been warned against devoting too much space to corporate boxes as fans claw back prime seats in European football grounds.  
Business | CP NEWS >
All staff pay rise backfires on Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price
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Dan Price, chief of credit-card payment processing firm Gravity Payments, raised his employees' salaries to $US70,000. Most responses were positive, but several employees quit and some customers took their business elsewhere fearing fee rises. Now a lawsuit from the CEO's brother threatens the company's existence.  
Business | CP NEWS >
The reason why no interviewers are asking Tom Cruise about Scientology
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It's one of the risks of being a celebrity: Something controversial is going on in your personal life, but it's right around when your new movie premieres. So you are contractually obligated to be interviewed on television.  
Arts & Entertainment | CP NEWS >
Cecil the lion's killer Dr Walter Palmer has gone on the run
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Minneapolis: Walter Palmer, the big-game hunter and dentist who participated in the fatal hunt of Cecil, a prized lion in Zimbabwe, has dropped out of sight in the wake of a global firestorm over the animal killing, said US wildlife authorities, who also announced an investigation into his action.  
Environment | CP NEWS >
Cilla Black, British TV personality and singer, dies aged 72
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British television personality and singer Cilla Black has died aged 72, according to British national broadcaster the BBC.  
Arts & Entertainment | CP NEWS >
Ghost stories, death threats, and a final resting place at Bendigo's Fortuna
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Once a lavish home to a mining magnate in the 19th century then a covert map-making location during WWII, Bendigo's Fortuna Villa is filled with tales. Six people who have a long association with its history talk of the mysteries and celebrations surrounding the place.  
Off-duty officer spots missing Qld girl
02-08-2015 by - Leave a Comment

An off-duty police officer has spotted a five-year-old child allegedly abducted from her central Queensland home in a nearby shopping centre.  
Law, Crime & Justice | CP NEWS >
Bishop’s Bendigo connection scrutinised
02-08-2015 by - Leave a Comment

BENDIGO-based aviation company MyJet is embroiled in the latest chapter of the Bronwyn Bishop travel expenses saga which could see the Speaker forced to step down from the role  
Lifestyle / Travel | CP NEWS >
MtGox bitcoin exchange chief executive Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan
02-08-2015 by - Leave a Comment

Japanese police have arrested the chief executive of the failed company MtGox, which was once the world's biggest exchange of the virtual currency bitcoin.  
World News | CP NEWS >
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