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They built the deadliest weapon in history Ö and didnít know about it
26-11-2014 by BBC News - Leave a Comment

They were working on a project so secret they didn't know what it was - until it killed tens of thousands.   
Science | CP NEWS >
Yes, bankers lie more than the rest of us. Wall Street reforms arenít likely to change that culture.
25-11-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

Scientists show why banks are such cesspits of bad behaviour. There is something in the culture of banking that lends itself toward making otherwise fairly good people do bad things. Thatís the finding of a new study published in the journal, Nature. And it may simply confirm the suspicions of many following endless news of bankers being outed for bad behaviour.
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Vanuatu MP Willie Jimmy proposes death penalty for witchcraft
24-11-2014 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

Vanuatu MP and former finance minister Willie Jimmy is calling for witchcraft to be made a crime punishable by death.   
World News | CP NEWS >
Anti-corruption a booming business in NSW
22-11-2014 by Daily Telegraph - Leave a Comment

They can go where no other court or investigators can go, their powers are virtually unfettered and no-one, it seems, is beyond their reach.   
Law, Crime & Justice | CP NEWS >
Channel Seven executive producer Mark Llewellyn on 'extended leave'
21-11-2014 by SMH - Leave a Comment

Mark Llewellyn, the Channel Seven producer accused of physically assaulting a colleague at work, is taking "extended leave" and will not return to work this year.  
Arts & Entertainment | CP NEWS >
Victorian Parliament strikes gold......replica
21-11-2014 by Blog - Leave a Comment

The Member for Bendigo East, joined with the Mayor of the Loddon Shire, Geoff Curnow, at the unveiling of the replica of the world's largest gold nugget, the Welcome Stranger' in its new home at the Victorian Parliament.   
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Mayor invites more to have say on transport strategy
21-11-2014 by Blog - Leave a Comment

Greater Bendigo City Council Mayor Peter Cox wants more people to get actively involved in planning the cityís future by having their say on the Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy (ITLUS).   
Lifestyle / Travel | CP NEWS >
Why Dave thinks Skye should have her own Big Brother Up-late show: 'She's constantly naked'
21-11-2014 by NineMSN - Leave a Comment

He alluded to the fact that a lot of "un-PG" things go on in the Big Brother house during his eviction interview with Sonia Kruger last night and today David "Strategy Dave" Hodis filled us in on one particular aspect of the house that is not-so-suitable for its family audience.   
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The Future of Money
20-11-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

Four surprising ways we might pay for stuff in the next 15 years  
Money & Power | CP NEWS >
So-called feminist icons of 2014 shedding their clothes are all fakes
20-11-2014 by Herald sun - Leave a Comment

DO you have to get naked to be a strong role model for women? In the whirlpool of never-ending stimulation, with our fingers twitching if weíre not tapping or swiping, itís possible the only cut-through message is going to be from someone oiled up and waxed to within an inch of their life.  
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