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Down The Mall: The struggle to stay politically correct
17-12-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

WE'VE been messing about with that idea from Canberra this week that there should not be boys’ toys and girls’ toys departments, just one non-gender section.   
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The 1973 Oil Crisis
17-12-2014 by Blog - Leave a Comment

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The 1973 oil crisis began in October 1973 when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC, consisting of the Arab members of the OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo.
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The Newsroom Exits With a Funeral for Old Media
17-12-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

The series finale spent a lot of time flashing back to the show's first episode, a reminder of its deep flaws both past and present.   
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Oil investors' crude awakening
17-12-2014 by The Age - Leave a Comment

They don't call it the black gold for nothing, but investing in oil companies has proven seriously detrimental to investors' financial health lately.  
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Eddie Obeid stripped of Order of Australia medal
16-12-2014 by SMH - Leave a Comment

The former Labor minister, who is facing criminal charges, was awarded an Order of Australia medal in 1984. He became a member of the NSW Legislative Council in 1991.   
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Australia’s most hipster suburbs
13-12-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

Hipsters have taken Australia by storm. With new cafes, juice bars and indie boutiques popping up everywhere, we’ve done a little digging to uncover the best places for that happy hipster lifestyle.   
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Sony bosses email hacking: Angelina Jolie and Amy Pascal come face to face
13-12-2014 by - Leave a Comment

The awkward moment when Angelina Jolie came face to face with Amy Pascal – just two days after an email rant about the actress was leaked to the international press.   
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Andrew Denton and Jennifer Byrne buy $4m Surry Hills penthouse
13-12-2014 by The Australian - Leave a Comment

MEDIA personalities Andrew Denton and Jennifer Byrne are believed to have forked out $4.025 million for a penthouse in Sydney’s inner-city Surry Hills nine days ago.   
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Opec veteran says oil price a 'disaster' and cartel powerless
12-12-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

Senior adviser to Qatar's emir and former Opec president tells the Telegraph the global oil market is now over-supplied by as much as 2m barrels per day of crude   
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Sony’s hacked e-mails expose spats, director calling Angelina Jolie a ‘brat’
12-12-2014 by Other - Leave a Comment

The hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment has escalated into a humiliating public crisis for the company as deeply held secrets — including business practices, pay disparities and ugly personal feuds — continue spilling onto the Internet in ways that experts say could damage the Hollywood studio for years to come.

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