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How To Avoid Being A Dickhead On Australia Day
25-01-2015 by SBS - Leave a Comment

Australia Day is almost upon us! Since he believes this is the Australian holiday with the "highest potential for dickheadery", comedian James Hennessy thinks now is as good a time as any for someone to teach the nation how to avoid becoming 'that dickhead in the Australian flag cape'.   
Comedy | CP NEWS >
'Cartel' chat room gave valuable tips to BP traders
24-01-2015 by SMH - Leave a Comment

Halfway down a muddy road on marshland in suburban Essex sits Wharf Pool, a lake stocked with some of the biggest freshwater fish you will ever see.

Business | CP NEWS >
Aussie mateship: tracing the history of a defining cultural term
24-01-2015 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

The word 'mate' is used to describe friends, colleagues, even the other bloke in an argument. But where has the national character trait come from?   
Lifestyle / Travel | CP NEWS >
Old meets new in Bendigo as Sandhurst Gaol becomes Ulumbarra Theatre
23-01-2015 by ABC News - Leave a Comment

One of Bendigo's major cultural projects is nearly complete, with the new 1,000-seat Ulumbarra Theatre due to open in April.

Arts & Entertainment | CP NEWS >
Australian girl abruptly dumps boyfriend, then begs him back after he wins $362,259 from online game
23-01-2015 by Fox News - Leave a Comment

A lovesick Australian man dumped by his girlfriend of four years, was browsing the web when he came across an offer he could not refuse.   
Current Affairs | CP NEWS >
A Brief Excursion into Aleister Cowley's Philosophy of war:
23-01-2015 by Other - Leave a Comment

All warfare must be understood, first and foremost, as internal warfare—hidden, domestic and “cold,” of which the external, overt and heated warfare between nations is no more than an outburst, a brief orgasm, if you will, after years of foreplay.   
War on Terror | CP NEWS >
Woman Disguises 911 Call As Pizza Order To Alert Police To Domestic Violence
22-01-2015 by Other - Leave a Comment

Once upon a time, a woman brilliantly called 911 to pretend to order a pizza. She was, in fact, calling to alert authorities of a domestic violence incident.
World News | CP NEWS >
Royals In Crisis
22-01-2015 by Other - Leave a Comment

Revelations concerning Prince Andrew’s involvement in a sordid sex scandal has shaken up the royal family – particularly Queen Elizabeth II and his "devastated" daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.   
Royalty | CP NEWS >
Vic cop suspended for drink drive incident
24-01-2015 by Other - Leave a Comment

A Victorian policeman has been suspended after he was allegedly caught supervising a learner driver while over the legal alcohol limit.   
Law, Crime & Justice | CP NEWS >
Vic cop charged with assaulting girlfriend
24-01-2015 by Other - Leave a Comment

A Victorian police officer has been charged with imprisoning, threatening and assaulting a woman when they were in a relationship.   
Law, Crime & Justice | CP NEWS >
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